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Providing Residential Pool Service in the Orlando Florida Area

People living in the Orlando Florida Area that have a swimming pool or spa have a difficult time balancing work, driving home in horribly humid weather, and forgetting to remember to get more chlorine jugs & tabs. You get home and see your beautiful pristine blue water has been replaced by a Big Green Monster. Life is not treating you well at all. This is where H2O Chem Pools jumps in to save your backyard retreat.

Our Great Service Goes A Long Way

H2O Chem Pools provides the best pool and spa services in Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Polk County because we use the best cleaning equipment, chemicals and well-trained staff. Our team of service technicians are equipped with the latest and greatest materials available which allows us to effectively:

  • BRUSH the walls and floor of your plaster
  • VACUUM your pool or spa
  • CLEAN your filter out to maintain optimum flow rate
  • MAINTAIN your skimmer and pump baskets clean
  • KEEP your pump running quiet and most of all
  • BALANCE your chemistry to
  • PROLONG the lifespan of your equipment for years to come